After finishing all of my projects at DFA, a former coworker asked for my assistance in creating a logo for her investment business. I happily obliged and developed this set of logos.
The prompt was to create something clean, professional, and modern. To accomplish this, I created a composition featuring a bold typeface and a lighter typeface. Both were well designed sans serif fonts with graceful curves and crisp edges. The font on the top feels resilient, adaptable, and robust just as a customer would prefer their investments to be. The bottom feels sleek, professional, and approachable. 

The logo also features two added elements—an allusion to a line chart in the "N" and an illusion to a pie chart in the "O." These help tie the logo to the industry and clientele it serves. Additionally, the pie chart features a cyan block of color. Cyan is a beautiful yet calming color. I wanted it invite people in and ask them to stay a while. It also serves as an arrow of sorts that directs viewers' eyes back into the composition.
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