Apart from my love for art and design, I have a passion for history. Occasionally those thing branch over each other. In particular, I love studying the years during and surrounding WWI and WWII. I've got countless books printed during and about those years and not a week goes by that I'm not watching documentaries about different eras throughout history. I love learning about everything from the food, clothes, policies, leaders, heroes, villains, equipment, vehicles, art, advertising, and propaganda. I recently bought a book about WWII advertising and found it fascinating. One does not look at that many vintage materials without wanting to make something of a similar style. With Covid19 fresh in the minds of so many, I decided to make some instagram propaganda telling people to Pause for Clean Paws—WASH YOUR HANDS. You can't fit a lot of text in an instagram photo (and if you did, who would read it?) so the slogan needed to be short and hopefully clever so that it would capture viewers' attention and get the message across quickly. With that in mind, I created this graphic with a vintage flare reminiscent of an old German insignia on a worn WWI biplane.

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