They say that goldfish grow to fit the size of their enclosures.... Naturally, that has inspired a certain degree of curiosity as to what would happen if you bought a massive aquarium and just put on or two goldfish in it.
The Library of Congress has some great vintage photos. I photoshopped this one to include some dogs. Their hobbies include playing fetch, eating maple bacon donuts, and catching perps.
Sometimes it’s fun to do a project just because you can. For me, that means photoshopping my bearded dragon, Fluffy, into a cityscape.
I've nicknamed this one "pet pyramid."
Now I am become Gizmo, the destroyer of worlds... and furniture.
When making this one, my main goal was just to play around with double exposures. The end result is what I imagine catnip is like (lol).
If ever there was something a giant cat would do, it's lay down somewhere incredibly inconvenient.
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