From Napkin to Geo-Filter

I truly enjoy learning new things and taking on projects that will reach wider audiences. My wife and several friends had mentioned to me that Warrensburg could use another geo-filter on Snapchat. I couldn't help but jump at the idea. I wasn't familiar with the process for submitting a design at the time but a little research goes a long way. After asking a healthy mixture of locals, university students, and people who are familiar with the area, I sketched a few ideas onto a napkin for a design that would feature one of Warrensburg's most thriving areas. 

It was important to make the design something that would appeal to locals, visitors, families, and students. Pine Street is a small-town business district by day and a bustling hub for nightlife at night. The filter needed to be appealing to families eating lunch at one of the local restaurants or shopping at the massive antique store. It also had to be trendy enough to appeal to thousands of college students who frequent the bars at night. 

I really enjoyed taking on this project. Sometimes taking a day to flesh out an experiment can be incredibly rewarding. When it went live on February 16, 2017 I received countless messages from people showing me selfies that they and their friends had taken. I started the project because I wanted to learn something new. I finished it because I wanted to make people happy.​​​​​​​

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