The Sign
I received a lot of questions regarding how I made my sign. My training as a sculptor was a massive asset in constructing this important element of my display. I made it by hand. It was constructed with wood, rope LEDs, a very large number of nails (to guide the LEDs), many layers of black stain, and adjustable stilts with round pads on the back to keep the sign level as well as protect the gallery walls. I wanted the sign to stand out from the vinyl logos typically used in senior shows. My display was in a back corner so I knew there had to be something different about my display to get people to want to look at it. Based on the comments I received during my review and at the gallery opening, I can confidently say that it was successful. Hundreds of people stopped by my display and asked me questions about the artwork (and the sign). One of the top comments was "I can't believe it's wood." Originally I had planned on constructing it out of metal but decided wood would be more gentle on the walls, lighter, and more economical. It was an incredible experience making it and was a very beneficial addition to my display.
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