The Foundation Prospectus was created as a board recruitment publication to be used by the newly renamed University of Central Missouri Alumni Foundation. The document informs prospective board members of the history, purpose, responsibilities, opportunities, and application process for 
joining a multi-disciplined collection of individuals who are experts in their fields. This document was one of many documents that I created for the Alumni Foundation as it relaunched in 2016.
Day of Giving
One of the many functions of the UCM Alumni Foundation is to raise money for projects that are important to improving and supporting the University of Central Missouri. The renovation of Hendricks Hall was amongst the most recent. To promote this project, a series of graphics and printed pieces were requested including the program above, a remittance envelope, reply cards, menus, social media posts, and many more. The promotion of this event required extensive collaboration with the marketing director of the Alumni Foundation, music department staff, planned giving staff, events coordinators, and the dean of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Fundraising is still continuing for this project and this piece has been chosen to continue fundraising efforts with a few modifications to make the program less specific to any particular event. 
Reunion Memory-Book Cover
This graphic was created for a 50-year reunion using a scanned photo from a yearbook that I then colorized in a few key areas to make an emotional appeal to the viewers' connections to past memories of their time at college. My hope is that it served as a pleasant reminder of the "good old days" when the photo was originally taken.
This pamphlet was created as a quadra-fold mailer to be sent out in preparation for an upcoming reunion. I used an old paper texture to give it an aged appearance, scanned photographs to ground it in reality, and utilized photographs of items taken from the UCM Archives to celebrate the value preserving our history. From there, I retouched, masked, and colorized the photographs as needed to connect them to the body copy that they corresponded with in the layout. 
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