Graduating MO
Photo-manipulation is something I truly enjoy. This photo was posted to the Alumni Foundation's social media accounts during the spring of 2016. It came to fruition from a need to create a congratulatory post for recent graduates without using a photo that depicted anyone's faces who had not signed a permission slip. To work around this issue, I blended our mascot, MO the Mule, with an existing photo to create a lifelike rendering of the beloved character in actual UCM regalia. The photo consists of four separate photo files and several layers of careful masking, color manipulation, and hand-drawn shadows. When posted, it received 578 likes where past posts had received around eight on average.
Mule Nation Email Header
This header was created as a generic header that could be used for the UCM Alumni Foundation's Mule Nation events. It was created as a graphic capable of being appropriate for both casual and formal events.
Graduation Header
This email header was created by taking five separate photos and carefully blending them together. It has been used extensively over the past few years to send recent/future graduates information about items that need completed soon after graduation as well as for congratulatory messaging.
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