Sacha Baron Cohen was not wrong when he called social media "the greatest propaganda machine in history." It is certainly being used as such. My goal, however, is to mobilize the machine to do something good rather than just spew hate. This piece is another installment of my modern take on propaganda for social media. In this case, the target is violence. Schools get shot up so often that people barely react anymore. I started school the year Columbine happened. Since then, school shootings, and mass shootings in general, have become so common that it only makes the news in passing for that day. All politicians and (some in) older generations seem to do is comment "thoughts and prayers" under the story on social media. No action is taken and when younger generations try and mobilize to actually do something about their safety and the safety of others, they are met with laughter, criticism, and even threats. 

The goal of this piece is to call that out. It features clean typography that invokes a contemporary feel that is clean and readable. It's monochromatic with red as its base. The different shades allude to blood, both fresh and drying, in order to convey the urgency, harm, and anger associated with the issue. Contrast plays a heavy role in how the type is read, the path of the eye, and readability. Through contrast, I was able to juxtapose two sentences on top of each other while still preserving readability. It allows the readers to focus on one half of the text at a time much like society as a whole likes to only look at the problem from partisan viewpoints.
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